We hope everyone had a good start of the year. But how do you get the best out of your organisation in 2019? Eventbrite asked 26 event professionals about the trends for the coming year.

One striking aspect is that there’s an even bigger focus on the well-being of personnel. With the (mental) health of personnel high on the agenda of a lot of businesses, we’ll be seeing a lot of this trend in events too.

Team building is the trend for 2019

That’s why team building will play an increasingly bigger role in 2019. That is the prediction of the National Sales Manager of Center Parcs, Dan Elliot: “More and more businesses are coming to Center Parcs for our team-building activities and business outings. Team building at business events is also gaining in popularity. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of being outdoors in the fresh air as a team, getting away for the daily grind. If you set your goals beforehand, team building can help you improve the corporate culture. It also shows your appreciation for your staff, both as individuals and for their input in the company.”

Team building in the great outdoors

According to the professionals, team building will increasingly focus on creating positive emotions and interaction among colleagues. Get off those chairs and get active. A memory you won’t forget, that’s the aim. And if at all possible, into the great outdoors.

Gaming in the woods

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