Did you know that the Moon Trees really did get their special gift from space? Today, it’s 48 years ago that our Moon trees (which were still seeds then) started their trip around the moon.

On 31 January, Apollo 14 went into space with astronauts Alan Shepard Jr., Stuart Roosa and Edgar Mitchell. But they were in the minority because they shared their trip around the moon with 500 tree seeds.

Roosa had been selected especially for this assignment because of his expertise with woods. He was working in forest management and as a forest firefighter. So you could say he was the first real Moon Trees Hero.

Moon Trees space Mission Apollo

Trees from space

His personal kit contained 500 seeds from all sorts of trees. NASA wanted to know if a trip into space would have an impact on the seeds.

On 10 February, the astronauts returned with the Moon Trees. And as it happens, many of the seeds turned into wonderful, tall trees. Distant relatives of the Moon Trees were also planted in special locations across the world, such as the White House in Washington.

The Moon Trees in our woods also have special gifts. They protect the earth, but you do need to look after them well. That’s why you’ll be joining the battle together with your team members: who wins the highest number and the most valuable Moon Trees within the set playing time? Getting hold of raw materials, guarding and conquering Moon Trees demands ultimate teamwork and strategic insight. Will you be the new Moon Trees Heroes?