To a lot of parents, that may not come as a surprise, but it has now been proven: children have higher energy levels than professional endurance athletes.

This is why researchers recommend trying to remain a bit of child yourself. After all, it seems to be healthy. Outdoor challenges in particular are good for the development of children’s athletic abilities.

So why not send your children into the great outdoors and work on your own ‘Fitbit’ score a bit at the same time? At Moon Trees, you work as a team in an innovative outdoor game. Every team uses each team member’s qualities so you can also take on a ‘more strategic’ role. If your energy levels are not as high as your child’s 😉 Moon Trees is like a computer game, but you’re getting active outdoors.

Blow off steam and have a good night’s sleep later? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works: children also recover faster than endurance athletes. They’re rearing to play again in no time at all.

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