Get yourself a unique game

A completely new application of game technology

Moon Trees is an innovative game concept because the latest game technology has been translated into an entirely new environment; the woods. Game technology has never been used like this before. By opting for an outdoor game like Moon Trees for your operations, you will truly be different and innovative. Your guests will be astounded!

A game for young and old

Moon Trees appeals to a very wide target group because this real-life game can be played by young and old. The game is suitable for players aged 6 and over. As the game is played as a team, older and less fit participants will find it easy to join in. If you play it smart as a team, every player can have a suitable role and everyone will enjoy the game.

Suitable for a wide range of days out

Apart from all ages over 6, Moon Trees will also appeal to a very diverse range of target groups. After all, Moon Trees is suitable for all kinds of days out. Examples include children’s parties, family outings, business parties, team-building activities, father and son outings, stag and hen parties, etc.

You can shape your proposal in such a way that you make an appropriate offer for every type of outing, supplemented with other activities, merchandise, food and drinks.

Extending your season

Moon Trees can be played all year long, rain or shine, hot or cold. It doesn’t really affect a game of Moon Trees, which is good because it means that a lot of seasonal businesses can extend their season. Perhaps this also applies to your business.

Real-life gaming in the woods

Moon Trees aims to get people active in the woods. In other words, a real outdoor game. But if your business doesn’t have any woods to use, Moon Trees may still be an option. Together, we’ll look at the options to play Moon Trees as an indoor game at your venue. We can tell you all about it.

Would you like to explore your options?

Are you curious about the possibilities for your business? Please, contact us and we’ll arrange a meeting to find out if Moon Trees has the potential of adding value to your business.