Een spel voor jong en oud | Moon Trees Challenge

Teamwork in the woods

Enjoying the adventure together

Moon Trees is a real-life game in the woods. When you play Moon Trees with your team, a wonderful adventure awaits you. An adventure in which you’ll astonish yourself and your colleagues. Everyone is taken out of their normal environment and, as such, out of their comfort zone. Getting active in the woods as a team. Not even a cabin in the woods can beat that.

Learning to work together in a different way

Running, climbing, clambering. But also thinking strategically and playing it smart. That’s what you need in order to become Moon Trees Heroes.

So together, you have to think ahead about how to tackle the challenge. Which colleague has which abilities? And how can you compensate for any lesser abilities? Think hard, work together, and go for victory.

Would you like to find out more?

Want to find out more about the team-building possibilities for staff parties and business outings? Simply contact the Moon Trees venue of your choice. They can tell you all about what’s available especially for businesses and professional teams.