Children really do have more energy!

To a lot of parents, that may not come as a surprise, but it has now been proven: children have higher energy levels than professional endurance athletes. This is why researchers recommend trying to remain a bit of child yourself. After all, it seems to be healthy. Outdoor challenges in particular are good for the […]

children playing outside energy Moon Trees

Into space

Did you know that the Moon Trees really did get their special gift from space? Today, it’s 48 years ago that our Moon trees (which were still seeds then) started their trip around the moon. On 31 January, Apollo 14 went into space with astronauts Alan Shepard Jr., Stuart Roosa and Edgar Mitchell. But they […]

Moon Trees Apollo Mission

Are you organising a children’s party? Celebrate it in the woods.

Do you want to organise an original children’s party? Children enjoy nothing more than horsing around in the woods. After a wonderfully active game of Moon Trees, there’s so much more to do. What about a picnic in the woods? Or climbing and clambering in the playing field? Organising a party the kids will enjoy […]

Original children’s party at Moon Trees in the woods

What’s happening in Klimbos?

The unique game of Moon Trees has been exclusively available in Klimbos Veluwe since June. We interviewed venue manager Julian Schimmelpennink and asked him all sorts of questions: Why Moon Trees? What about the organisation of the game? And most important of all, what do the players think? Julian explains: “Adults in particular are taken aback […]

The ultimate outing for feisty teenagers | Moon Trees Challenge

Game technology gets people going

Springlab Forest gets people active in the woods with game technology Moon Trees, the most sophisticated outdoor game in a natural environment is now a fact After Pokémon Go!, we finally have another outdoor game. And this time, it’s made in the Netherlands. The makers of the game, Springlab and Klimbos Nederland – represented by […]

Game technology gets people going | Moon Trees Challenge

Behind the scenes – Moon Trees trial days

This week, the first players were able to test our game in Klimbos Veluwe. Not only to see the game in action before we go live, but also to take pictures and make recordings for the Moon Trees video. A camera crew made sure all of the best moments were documented. Our test players were so […]

The Moon Trees promo in the making | Moon Trees Challenge